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Guide to different childcare solutions

When looking for the right solution in terms of the right type of childcare it's easy to get a bit lost... especially new parents! Here is an overview of the different types of childcare possible. We hope it will help you in your search.



Occasional care for a one-time event. Romantic getaway, dinner party, cinema, etc: the babysitter can look after your children at your home or a place you have decided together.

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Regular Childcare

Need childcare for your kids regularly on weekends, after school etc... and at your house? You can use a student babysitter whose schedules are compatible or someone who's looking for a part-time job. An employment contract is established between you and your employee.


Home Childcare Provider

A home childcare provider looks after children in their own home. There are different levels of courses that can be completed: they can be licensed or unlicensed. With this option using a licensed homecare provider gives you that extra peace of mind knowing the house has been passed as a safe environment for your children and they have some form of training.
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Professional Nanny working from your home

A Nanny is someone directly employed by the family to provide childcare, normally for pre-school children in the family home. They can be either live-in or live-out according to the family's needs. They often travel with the family on holiday and can also be there for overnight care when the parents are away. A Nanny demands a higher salary than a 'babysitter' as they often have experience and qualifications and see this as their main profession. Nannies can also work for two families and ask for an increase in wage depending on the number of children. A fully trained top professional Nanny is often employed by the family soon after the child is born and often stays with the family for several years to bring up the child.

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Nanny Sharing

Two families who have decided to share a nanny to care for their children. They also share the nanny's salary and expenses. The nanny can care for the children from one or both of the parents homes.

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Shared Care


Between 2 and a half months and 3 years, toddlers whose parents work can be accommodated in a daycare. They are managed by qualified professionals. There are several types of daycare: public/private, workplace creche etc. More information here.


The nursery welcomes children usually from 3 - 5 years from a few hours to full time weekdays, on a regular or occasional basis. It allows mums to have a little free time and socialize or get back to work. Beware, some nurseries are asking you to register the baby from the sixth month of pregnancy!


Au pair

An Au pair is usually a young person wanting to discover a new culture and gain experience in learning English. It's common for students or people taking a gap year to spend the entire school year abroad living and working for the family. He/she normally stays within the family home unless you can provide accommodation close by. The Au pair will be living as part of your family and you will both be expected to treat the experience as a cultural exchange, something that benefits both parties. If you want to employ an Au pair as a cheap childcare solution think first about how someone will feel moving to a new country and whether your family would work with someone living under the same roof. It's not a solution for everyone and shouldn't be chosen if you're not prepared to provide reasonable working conditions.

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