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Chouette, des nounous sont disponibles à West Toronto (Brockton / Parkdale Village / Exhibition Place) (M6K) !

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Nounou East Toronto (The Danforth East)
Mélissa, gardienne enfants West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place) M6K

Bonjour ! Je suis Mélissa, une française de 31 ans qui vient d'arriver à Toronto pour vivre de nouvelles aventures. J'ai toujours aimé être entouré par les enfants de tous âges. Depuis mes 18 ans, je travaille dans le domaine de l'éducation et des enfants. J'ai d'abord été surveillante d'élèves puis auxiliaire de vie scolaire en primaire et maternelle où ma mission était d'aider des enfants en situation de handicap afin qu'ils soient intégrés dans la classe et qu'ils puissent suivre...
Lina, gardienne enfants - M6K West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place)

Bon jour! Hello, families! I am a 35-year old female from Eastern Europe (Lithuania), on a working holiday visa. I have just arrived in Montreal and look forward to learning French and work at the same time. I am a qualified teacher (QTS) back home and have worked in nurseries, primary and secondary schools in Lithuania and London, UK. I have extensive experience working with children from 2+ years of age but have also looked after younger babies (have helped my sister raise her 2 k...

Hi there! My name is Joanne, I am a student at the University of Toronto currently in my third year studying architecture and environmental studies. I love to cook and have a car so I am able to drive children to school or any extra-curricular activities as well as prepare home-cooked meals. I have well aware of and have experience dealing with children who have extra health concerns such as food allergies and asthma. I am a responsible and friendly individual who understands the seri...
Drew, garde enfant West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place) M6K

I moved to London, England from Toronto, Canada at the age of 18. I started taking care of children in Toronto at 13 when I started to regularly take care of a 1 year old boy and another families two girls aged 5 and 8 once a week as well as a few other families around the neighbourhood. I got my first official nannying job when I had moved over to London where I took care of a little boy Oskar who was 11 months old and I took him on 3 to 4 times a week starting at 9 and finishing at 6:30. I ...
Sandra, nourrice West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place) M6K

I am Sandra. I come from a background of Film and Television. Which I worked in for 25 years; financing and costume designing. At this present time I have decided to remove myself from this business. When my job was seasonal it afforded me the time to open my home to babysit and take care of children. I am a single mom in her late forties. I did open a vintage shop but the economy did not support it financially and so I closed it down. Because I get along with children so well and lo...
Cate, gardienne West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place) M6K

Hey moms and dads, My name is Cate, I live in Toronto’s West end, wedged in-between the parkdale/highpark/roncesvalles area. Although I do not have a driver's license, I am very close to TTC streetcar lines (specifically King and Queen Street West) I have roughly 10 years of experience with children ranging from 8 months to 11 years old. I am a very well organized, but easy going person looking to help you and your family in whatever way I can. My experience with young children varies ...
Connie, garde enfant West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place) M6K

I'm the mother of two grown children and an established artist. I recently returned to graduate school so that I can teach art, and I am doing part-time work in child care while I earn my degree.
Kylie, gardienne West toronto (brockton / parkdale village / exhibition place) M6K

Hello, I have recently graduated from college and looking for work until I can get my career started. Although I do not have a ton of experience with children, I am very responsible and willing to learn.