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le 01/08/17 : Hoping to find someone to help with the kids and some housework.
Joanna, propose garde partagée - L6G Markham inner southwest

le 10/02/17 : A bit about us: We are a family of three and live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Our son is very curious and adventurous. He is loud, but friendly and smiles with everyone. He can get cranky at nap time, but likes to be held closely at times to calm him down. He loves trying new foods and grabbing anything in sight. We are interested in seeing if a nanny option will work for our son as I will be going back to work full time around June/July. We don't yet have a nanny or another family, so we wou...

le 05/07/16 : Someone who has experience working with babies ( age 1).