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Annonces de parents cherchant une garde d'enfant à Ingersoll (N5C)

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le 19/06/22 : Looking for a nanny/baby sitter for my 10 year old son. While I'm at work

le 19/06/22 : Need nanny/baby sitter to watch my 10 year old son for the month of August while i am at work.

le 02/02/22 : I need someone to come to my home early mornings when I leave for work at 5:30am until the boys go to school. Not a whole lot do as the boys sleep til approx 8. Would be required to ensure they get up, eat, brush teeth and prepare for school. I will have lunches made, ready to pack in their school bags. They walk to school together. I work shifts (2wks days/2aft) so I need someone here when I'm on day shift. Position would continue for forseeable future.

le 16/09/20 : Child care for swing shift, two week rotations between days and night shift

le 19/01/20 : Contact for details and more information
Anneline, cherche nounou - N5C Ingersoll

le 27/09/16 : I will be returning to work in a few weeks and currently seeking a nanny to care for my 1 year old daughter , at my home. I usually have food prepared, so warming it up is all that is needed. I would need someone during days, evenings and rarely nights. I will also require someone on certain weekends. I am presently waiting for my schedule to be sent to me in the next few days, and I would be able to be more specific on days and times that I need someone. If you are able to do certain s...
Anneline, propose baby-sitting - N5C Ingersoll

le 29/06/16 : Hello, I am currently looking for a babysitter/mother assist for my 1 year old daughter on Sunday 17th July. This will be an event day, and I need someone to watch & take care of her while I prepare for her birthday party, which will start at 2pm. You will be required to come to my home, from 10am to 4pm, feed , change and just keep her safe. You will not be alone, so if there are any questions, I will be around. You are also welcome to eat and enjoy the party as well. Please contact me fo...
Anneline, propose baby-sitting Ingersoll N5C

le 27/06/16 : Hello, I am currently seeking a baby sitter to assist me for the afternoon, as I will be trying to complete a few errands. I have an 11 month old daughter. The dates that I would need someone to help me are Thursday or Friday (June 30th or 1st July), from 11am to 4pm. Also rate of pay no more than $12/hr. This would be a day of me driving to London, and going to a few appointments. You would be required to come along and just assist with feeding or caring for my daughter when I am in appo...
Jaime, propose garde enfant Ingersoll

le 07/06/16 : Both me and my boyfriend work evenings. We both start at 3 till 11 or 1130 at the latest. we will need someone to take him for those times but both have 2 days off a week and different days so it shouldn't be too much, Also willing to pay and can be negotiated
Anneline, propose garde temps partiel - N5C Ingersoll

le 21/02/16 : Hello, My first child is a very vibrant, intense young girl (7 months). I will have to return to work in Mid may, and very concerned about leaving my daughter with someone, as I know it will be hard for her. I was thinking of possibly trying out a few hours to start and see how she does, and ease her into it. After that, I would most likely need someone to look after her part time, as I will be working part time.

le 16/09/15 : Just need someone to pick my child up from day care at 5:00pm and then watch her till 9:00pm

le 28/04/15 : Come to my home, prepare dinner for boys at 530,