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Se contacter et se rencontrer gratuitement ? Ici c’est possible :-)

Gratuit !

Se contacter et se rencontrer gratuitement ? Ici c’est possible :-)


Tous les jours, des milliers de nouvelles annonces.

En confiance

Profils complets, vérifications, avis : recrutez sereinement.

Hello there, my name is Kristen. I am a friendly, responsible and organized 18 year old girl. I am a university student with a major in English and a double minor in French and philosophy. I love poetry, writing, hiking, nutrition and music. I am looking to help with household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, cutting the grass, babysitting, assisting with meal preparation, taking care of plants, walking pets, doing laundry, organizing parts of the house, dusting, sweeping, mopping, dish-washi...

Hi, I am Erin, I am willing to be your families babysitter, I have worked with the city of Toronto Parks and Recreation last August. I play the viola, I also play sports and enjoy them and being active. I also like arts and crafts. I also have first aid training and CPR training.

I'm Flora Kim, a nursing student who is trained in CPR and first aid and has an affinity for children and babies. I have my own car and will cook/clean for you too. I was a daycare volunteer for 3 years and a kindergarten teacher assistant for 2 years. I am super energetic and love to have fun!

My name is Jaylen . I am a very mature young man. I’m 16 years old and I love having fun with children. I also babysit my little sisters a lot of the time. They are 2 and 6 years old. I can clean any of the child’s mess and I can also make sure that they are fed by cooking. I’ll make sure the kid is highly entertained and I am willing to help they study if needed. I can also make sure that they go to bed on time.

Im a young teenager looking for a job babysitting because I love kids! I’m still a high school student and don’t have my own form of transportation but I have no problem taking the bus to your house, picking the kids up off their school bus or walking to school their school to walk them home, I’m experienced from babysitting younger cousins and nieces and nephews, my rate is definitely negotiable, I’m perfectly okay with cooking dinner or cleaning up a little bit, I’m perfectly okay with home...

Hi! My name is Mariana and I would love to babysit. I have experience babysitting my little cousins and a family's friend little daughter. Also I have a certificate in standard first aid and adult, infant & child CPR. I'm really creative and I like to create new games to entertain the kids.

I'm AJ. I'm from Philippines. 22 years old. I've been living in Canada for 3 years now. Working full time at University of Toronto as a General Help. I'd like to have a second part time job if possible I want to try babysitting

I'm a student, off for the summer and heading off to college for a health program in September. I have a passion for taking care of children, I am a very energetic and nurturing person. I would enjoy taking the children outdoors to parks or any other place of their interest. I have worked at 2 different daycares and have done other babysitting jobs on the side. I would be happy to take care of your children when you need a hand.

My name is Sydney and I'm an 18 year old teenager. I am looking to babysit for a family, ages can rage from a few months to three years. I've taken two childcare courses in high school, and I also was a teacher's assistant for a kindergarten class in co-op.

I am currently in the Concurrent Education program (Primary/Junior stream) and Music program (as a classical pianist) at York University. I have plenty of experience with children (babies to grade 6) through placements, volunteering, babysitting, and working as a piano teacher. I am currently teaching beginner piano part time to children from ages 4-12. In addition, I am currently doing my placement in a grade 4 classroom as a teacher candidate of the Concurrent Education program and have tau...

Hi to start off my name is Stephanie I live in Mississauga Ontario I curtly live with my parents but I'm moving to wellend Ontario I'm curtly going to school for eca early childhood assistant but I'll be finishing up placement in wellend I'm really good with children I been looking after Children for a very long time I have my first aid and I'm really good with kids and I l love to cook so msg me to know more

Hi, my name is Kristine and J have just graduated high school! I have always loved working children and enjoy being able to teach them new things and plan and participate in fun activities and games. I'm looking to take care of younger children, as i have a few years experience from my jobs leading summer camps and hosting child birthday parties. Through these experiences i've has the opportunity to plan out different camp activities, interact and watch over several children at a time, an...

Hello, my name is and I am currently 13 years old. I will be turning 14 in only a few months but despite my age I believe that I am extremely responsible for taking care of your child(ren). I have had some experience babysitting my 2 cousins (ages 4 & 7) and I really enjoy playing games with them and having a fun time. Not only would I have fun and play games with your kid(s) but if you would like me to I would be more than grateful to help them out with their homework. I can also make them...

Je suis actuellement receptionniste dans un hotel. Je cherche un deuxieme travail afin de compléter mon salaire durant les périodes creuses. Je suis française, prete a apprendre de nouvelles cultures et d'avoir une exoerience avec les enfants. J'ai 22 ans, je suis sérieuse et volontaire.

I am a certified OCT secondary school teacher and have a passion for physical activity. I have completed 4 full marathons (including Boston Marathon on 2013). I love to swim and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love to cook, which I will be happy to do for an additional $2/hour. I am looking for provide part-time child care or part-time elderly care from noon until 4:00pm every day beginning July 20th until August 28th. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you!

Hello, I consider myself a reliable, trustworthy, honest, caring and punctual individual. I have 3 children myself. I love whatever job I do, fulfill it honestly and with full effort and my friendly nature makes my job easier for me. I do a variety of tasks that include cooking, preparing meals for children, picking and droping children from their extracurricular activities and appointments. I also do light tidying up and groceries for the family. I hold a valid driver's license as well.

I love working with children. I enjoy teaching children new skills whether in cooking, art and values. Every year, i create fun art workshop at art festivals. Enough about the kids. As for me personally, I am friendly, passionate and dedicated person. I love to listen to other stories. Love cooking heatlhy tropical cuisine. Love juicing and smoothie. I am a culturally senitive person that love every music genre. As funny as it may sound, i enjoy kids music and educational Kids TV program.

I'm a 16-year-old, I'm in 12th grade. I'm a very caring, responsible, fun person. I always make sure I bring joy to kids. I have a lot of experience babysitting children. I good with children, children are really drawn to me. I always make sure I create safe games and activities. I can babysit kids from 2-10, but I don't mind babysitting children any younger than 2. if you choose me you will never regret choosing me as your babysitter I will always make sure your kids safety is my number one ...

I am 17 years old interested in a part time babysitting job i am interesting in going into early childhood education after high school i am certified in first aid and CPR and would love to take the opportunity to gain more experience in childcare.

I presently live in Mississauga, Ontario and I will be moving to Victoria, BC. I presently work at RBC as Client Service Representative. I will need a part time job during my vacant hours. I am a childhood educator back in my home country, the Philippines. I raised my 2 daughters on my own. I have been teaching in Sunday School as a volunteer for almost 10 years now. I have been studying Flamenco dance for the past 4 years. I believe in catering to the total-well being of the child-spiritual,...