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Emily, garde enfant domicile - E2L Saint john central

I am a 19 year old bilingual student who has a passion for helping children realizing their potential and have an unending amount of energy to dedicate to help care for your children. I am open to looking after kids of all ages, whether it is part time or full time at the comfort of your own home with flexible hours. I have previously taken a childcare course at a daycare, as well as taken care of children from family friends.I am also able to help out with light housekeeping as well as any h...
Brittany, nourrice domicile - E2K Saint john north

I am a 25 year old mature women that is very out going . I am definitely a people pwrson who loves kids, I have been around them for years and years as all of my friends have children. Unfortunately I do not as of right now but definitely would love to have some in the near future . I love to play games and toys, watch cartoons and cook and clean for the kids. I would love to have the opportunity. I am prepared to fill the needs you are looking for , I am aware children do act up and things ...
Marlee, jeune fille au pair Saint john central

HI there, my name is Marlee , I'm a nineteen year old female. I'm an outgoing, happy person. I am a bilingual graduate of Saint Malachys High School. I graduated with an intermediate level in the french immersion program. I have experience with children, I have a seven year old niece with whom I love spending time with. I have been babysitting since the age of twelve. I am a ballet instructor to children of all ages. I am a dancer myself, I enjoy ballet, jazz, and contemporary. I love animals...
Erika, au pair Saint john central E2L

Hi there! I am Erika, I currently live in Saint John, New Brunswick, however I am looking to move to the Miramichi area permanently. I am very friendly, personable, enthusiastic and super fun to be around. I love children, animals, I play music, I sing, I draw, I love arts and crafts, I love science, and exploring nature as well. I also love the outdoors and i love playing sports. I love to teach anyone things I am passionate about and I have quite the imagination. I am truly a kid at heart! ...
Sheri, nourrice - E2K Saint john north

I am 42 yrs old.I am a mother of 2 sons n also a grandmother.I have been a single stay at home mom of 2 sons for 16 yrs.Who r now out on they're own.They hav become very polite, living, honest n hard working men.I am honest n polite as well.I love to spend time n do things with animals, children n the elderly.I am a quick learner.I luv the outdoor life n I'm adventurous. I can prepare meals.I have been driving for 31 yrs.I am a cautious driver.
Veronica, gardienne - E2K Saint john north

Hi! My name is Veronica . I am newly engaged and just in the process of looking for our new home. My fiancé and I have been trying to extend our family for 2 years now and no luck. I am so in love with children and watching them grow. I can't have children myself, so I would love to impact your children's lives. I cook, clean, played sports my entire life. I can provide entertainment, learning and a lot of fun for any age children and babies! I am availble for any at home, at my home and cas...
Kimberly, nourrice domicile Saint john north E2K

I am 31 yrs old.I am an experienced mother , with a big heart and love for children.I have experience with all ages and love to watch them learn and grow, at each devepmental stage.I enjoy everything from there coo's to there stories.I know how hard it is to leave your children and return to work -school and I provide a place where you know they are safe and well taken care of.I am reliable, on bus route , close to the hospital and university.I have a separate space with a large room and kitc...
Drew, garde enfant domicile Saint john north

My name is Drew Bentley . I am 19 years old. Graduated from highschool. I moved from Nova Scotia three weeks ago. Looking for a nanny job asap. I love kids, enjoy spending time with them. Also helping them with anything thats needed, home work, etc. Also love to make the parents live more easy going. This is only the type of work I've done except for housekeeping. I would like to be a full time nanny if possible. I am a hard worker. Always gets the job done.
Kayla, gardienne enfants Saint john central E2L

Hi there, My name is Kayla . I am 26 years old. I just moved here from Calgary Alberta just over a year ago, and boy am I loving this beautiful old city! I worked for a company called Nannies On Call for just under a year, that I find is similar to this company. That entailed me going house to house with my nanny bag full of goodies for the kids, day and night! Through them I met some unbelievable families that I still keep in contact with to this day! I've been working in the childc...
Sara, nourrice domicile Saint john central

Hi there, my name is Sara and I live in uptown saintjohn. I am looking for hard working families that need some extra help through the daytime while their busy providing for their family's. I spend alot of my down time cooking, doing yoga, hulahooping, which is a great activity to do with kids, boys and girls. I use to do birthday parties where I would hoop with kids, show them how, and also do other activities with them. Working with children is my passion because I love connecting, teaching...

Hello, i am a 54 year old mother of 1 and stepmom of 2.They are 37 , 31 and 30. I would like to care for them, help them with what ever i can , make meals if needed, clean up around the house. I only have my experience of raising my own children. I like to play board games, Gameboy, computer games, Wee . I like to read, swim, walks and good moives.

My name is amy. I am looking for a full-time or part-time job for taking care of children. I don't have any hobby except loving children.I will be very happy if I look after a kid. My son has grown up.I missed the fun time I played with him. For me, being a children's caregiver is not only for money, it is a job for fun. I was a teacher in kindergarden and then a vocational school. I am also happy to do household work, and cook chinese food if you like.

I have raised my daughter who is 14 she is a well mannered polite and very good student. I love children and how the are like sponges they absorb everything the learn farely easy with the proper guidance

I have been living in Saint John for a couple of years and love the nice city. We have friendly people, beautiful environment, multiple cultures, amazing events and much more. Hence, I'm eager to donate myself to help others to enjoy their life in Saint John. I’m reliable and hard-working.