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I am 16 years old high school student. I have experience caring for siblings, family members and family friend's children. I can help the children with their studies, hobbies, and I can also cook and clean up after your children. I'm very active and I think it's important for children to be active at a young age and I would enjoy playing outside with them to make sure they are getting the right amount of physical activity but also keeping them safe. I am very organized, mature and responsible...

I am a seasonal worker and Snider Mountain Ranch and would love to work as a nanny over the fall/winter/and spring. I am currently pursuing my Early Childhood Education degree online but have attended a semester of Child & Youth studies at Mount Saint Vincent University as well as a year of a Counselling program and Kingswood University. I have worked with kids all my life, and have the skill and energy and passion to continue into the future.