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Super, des gardiennes d'enfant sont disponibles à Whitehorse (Y1A) !

Yukon, les principales villes

Gardienne d'enfant Southeastern Yukon (Watson Lake)
Gardienne d'enfant Central Yukon (Dawson City)
Shaylene, gardienne enfants attitrée Whitehorse

I am a 28 year old mother of 4 (3 of my own and one step) my partner and I share custody with our ex spouses so we only have all 4 kids 50/50 we have a one year old full time he is a great easy going baby ? I have been dreading leaving him and going back to work as i have so much fun with him ? so I am just looking for a couple extra (school aged)kids for the summer that need care cheaper then daycare I love to go on walks to the park, picnics, water park, drawing sidewalk chalk, playing outs...