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Se contacter et se rencontrer gratuitement ? Ici c’est possible :-)


Tous les jours, des milliers de nouvelles annonces.

En confiance

Profils complets, vérifications, avis : recrutez sereinement.

Salam my name is heather , as of 1-2 years ago i turned to Islam, and I am a practicing Muslima. I come from a good family. I'm 34 years old and have in the past looked after my sisters friends children. i have also played with my second sisters children, with games such as playing dolls and just letting them teach me, such a joy to be near, i love cildren and they love me. Im a hard worker and would love the opportunity to give the right amount of care to every child. I cook, clean, p...

My name is Allison, I am 17 years old and absolutely love kids. Growing up in a family as the oldest I took care of my siblings and cousins many times. I can help with homework, play games with them and cook/clean. I'm available whenever :)

I am 14, I love Kids and I am always free except when I have school. I have my First Aid course and it covers for the baby sitting course. I am not babysitting for A lot of money, I'm babysitting for fun because I love taking care of kids. I am free every Weekend and on Week days I am free from 4PM to 11:30PM Willing for offers on how much per hour. I can help kids out with homework, and I am in grade 9. I love playing Sports and I love taking kids to the Park and Having fun and play...

Hello, my name is lisa i'm a 20 year old women with a 4 month of babygirl. i aboslutely LOVE children of all ages. i love to go for walks and do crafts and some other activites. i've babysat pretty much all my life from 8 years to now from family & friends ages from newborn to 5-6 years old. i have my babysitting course but lost it in a fire. i do have personal references if needed. I do not let kid go without eating, i live in a very well cleaned stable home. i do, do over nights, that wi...

hey im Morgan Newell I was raised in yamouth and im 15 years old I dont have alot of experience but I am willing to learn I dont mind cleaning up and helping kids with anything ... I might not be the best cook but i can still cook pretty good .. im still in high school im in grade 10

Hi there! My name is Emily Mayo, I am 19 years old and I currently go to NSCC taking Mental Health Recovery and Promotion. I believe children deserve attention and to have someone they can trust. I have watched children of all ages and have a very clear understanding of all development stages. I can be available pretty much whenever I am needed and I do have First Aid and CPR Level C(Children and babies). I can cook, clean, help with homework, and I am open to just about anything the children...

I'm 18, have babysat off and on for the last 6 years. I love children and have spent pretty much every summer babysitting. I love cooking and helping out in any way I can. I am responsible and have never once had to call the parent with an emergency. I have also taken care of a child that had been running a fever, and managed to handle the situation without panicking. So I am good under pressure and with tough situations. I am currently attending the NSCC here in Yarmouth for the Social Ser...

I am Evan . I have one child which is in my care 50%. I love to cook, play guitar. I am good with children. I would be looking for a babysitting job.

I'm Abby , i'm almost 14 years old and i love kids. i have passed my First Aid and babysitting courses at sobeys. I can cook basic meals and i can speak English and french I babysit occasionally and any age, i have experience with baby's, toddlers, kids and pre-teens ages 1-11. I can play games with the kids and i can put them to bed. i let the parents pick how much they want to pay me and the times they need me to babysit.

Hi! My name is Abigail, and I live on Main Street in Yarmouth. I am almost 16 years old, and I love children. I have been babysitting and doing child care for about 5 years now, and i feel it's probably the most rewarding job I can find. I love cooking, playing with kids and helping out in any way I can. I am most experienced in age groups 0 - 6, but I do baby sit for all ages. I'm very friendly and I love to make people smile. I also play guitar. I'm quite creative and can definitely get ...

Hi... I'm a stay at home mother of my smten year old boy. I am very caring and have raised my son and have babysat other children. Willing to provide references upon request :)

Hello, My name is Jessica , I'm a mature, 21 year old, stay at home mom to my 11 month old daughter! I have been passionate about childcare for as long as I can remember! I have worked with children from various ages, starting from newborn - 10 years old. Some of my qualities are: Reliable Friendly Outgoing/energetic Trustworthy House safety Night wakening Attention to detail bathing/grooming Tutoring Potential hazard prevention Emergency situation handling Chi...

My name is Jill I love children and have a lot of experience as I have two that are adults now .I would love to help some mothers and Fathers out with care and cleaning. Hoping to help someone out ?.

Im Prue, i am 13 years old i have first aid training and i have been babysitting since i was 11. I babysit 6 months- age 9. I have two yonuger siblings, a boy and a girl so i have experience with both genders. Im open to cooking and doing any household chores you need me to do while babysitting.

I'm a 23 year old female. I'm looking for part time care, a few hours per week. I have a lot of patience with children, and have very good time management. I enjoy playing games with kids depending on age and also outside time is important depending on weather. I have lots of experience dealing with kids, nephews, cousins, step child, and years of babysitting experience. I started babysitting at a fairly young age, so I have experience with all age levels. I look forward to hearing fr...

I'm a friendly, easygoing hard worker and I would like to further my babysitting experience. I love to cook, I clean very well also.

Hi I'm a stay at home mom to my ten year old son. I have also babysat over the years for my friends children and would be more than haply to provide references. :) I am a very caring responsible woman...I enjoy helping them learn through play :)

My name is Haley . I am 14 years old, turning 15 in March. I have been babysitting for the last year. I have sucessfully completed a babysitting course through St. John Ambulance. I have a clean child abuse registry check. I currently babysit for 3 families regularly. The ages are between 2 and 8.

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