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Kiran, garde périscolaire Sydney southwest B1L

My name is Kiran Vishnu . I am from India. I study bet petroleum in cape Breton university. I love babies. I have looked and took care of my niece for up to 8 months from the day she is born. so i am very much confident that i can take care babies under 1 years old and 2, 3 years old. The important quality that is essential for babysitting is patience. I can guarantee that i posses that quality.
Sarah, babysitter Sydney southwest

my name is Sarah I'm 15 years old and very responsible and I've been baby sitting for about 4 or more years every year I baby sit multiple children at a family members house when they all come home from away the ages very I'm very good with children I've worked for my self previously I worked for multiple people when I'm on a job I do my best to help out around the house cause I understand how it can be hard to work and maintain a house hold I usually do dishes etc also every night before I'm...
Brenda, babysitter Sydney north

My name is Lee MacEachern, i am a very outgoing and playful person but serious when i need to be . I've babysat many times, cleaning is not an issue and i love children i have 2 nieces that i usually babysit when it is needed. I have experience with food preparation i'm the kind of person to sit with your kids and play with them. I've cared for my 2 cousins and i was babysitting a 10 year old for awhile which i didn't find challenging, I am a loving and caring person and ill make sure you're...
Courtney, babysitting - B1P Sydney north central

Hello, My name is Courtney Dunn. Im 16 turning 17, January 22. Ive worked with kids my whole life. I absoultely enjoy the laugher and happiness of children. I worked for my cousin for about 6 years now , and i think its safe to say , kids love me. Also im in the cooking program at Memorial compsite high, so making meals / snacks etc. Is a - ok with me ! Also , i can bring the kids to do activities with your childern. Take them to the park , play borad games , or just playing outside in the b...
Kelsey, garde enfant Sydney north B1N

My name is Kelsey , I am a 21 year old single mom to a 5 year old little boy. Due to health issues I haven't been working for a month. Needing to get back on track I would love to accept a job in which I love and take pride in doing. My pride and joy is my son and spoiling the babies & children (Animals also) in my Life. I do not agree with daycare facility for children although under circumstances it is needed. I believe the bond between children and a guardian is very much needed and its h...
Nirmal, baby-sitting Sydney southwest

I am calm, lovely, caring, innocent, hard worker, extrovert personality, helpful, learner, obedient and strong guy. I am always ready to do right and lovely effective words. Friday, Saturday, sunday i am available full time. You guys can trust me a lot as like your family member. I am not always work for money but work for people's trust and relations. In many cases money is a byproduct for me. Just let me have a one chance to serve you and do work for you it will be a great pleasure fo...
Emma, babysitter - B1L Sydney southwest

My name is Emma , I am 15 years old, I babysit my sister all the time and I have babysat for my moms friend a few times. I go to riverview high school, grade 10. I’ve always been pretty good in school and I do really well with kids. I play piano and I love to listen to music, I’d be very good with entertainment and I enjoy spending time with kids. I have 2 little sisters and spend time with them all the time.
Praneeth, babysitting Sydney southwest B1L

Hello. My name is Praneeth . I have completed most of my schooling from 5 grade to sophomore year of high school in Chicago Illinois. I am Indian and love to take care of your children. I have cpr training from high school. I myself, have a young sister. Whenever my parents weren't around. I used to take care of her and would help her with her homework. I am a loving and honest person who is just looking for a chance. I won't let you down. I am a student at Cape Breton University an...
Sarah, baby-sitter - B1L Sydney southwest

hello! My name is Sarah and I'm a current grade 12 student at Memorial High school. I'm an easy going person who loves kids. I can cook and clean if needed, I can also help the little ones with their homework. I'm available after school and on weekends. If you would like I can stop by and meet everyone so you and the little ones are comfortable with me by the time I come to babysit. Feel free to message me here and ask any questions you'd like. looking forward to hearing from you, Sarah

I am a mature babysitter look for a casual job in the Sydney or surrounding areas. I dont mind doing house hold chores at all, and always make sure to clean up after myself and the children. I have a younger sibling under the age of four, and also have taken care of other children in the family. I do work part time but I know my schedule a week in advance. My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable leaving your children in my care. Have to be after 4pm on week days, do not mind staying late...
Abty, garde enfant - B1L Sydney southwest

Hi, I am Abty, a student at CBU doing bachelor's in Environmental Science. My family owe a day care center back in India, hence I am well experienced in taking care of kids. Moreover, I love kids and can help them with their home works, personal cares, games and everything. I can also take care of babies above 6 months and can also cook baby food. I am very pleasing and loving too. :)
Maninder, baby-sitting Sydney southwest

I am Maninder . I am 21 year old. I am from India and i came here to study at Cape Breton University. I really like children and I love to spend time with them. I get involved in their games to make them feel comfortable with me and i always try to keep them happy. I have 2 cousins back in India . Thay are 2 years and 4 years old. I spend a lot of my leisure time with them and play games with them. I also used to help my other cousins in their homework that they get from school. Also I reall...
Pankaj, jeune homme au pair Sydney southwest B1L

As a student I can work for 20 hours per week. full time in weekends. immediately available.

I am a student currently completing her Masters of Social Work and soon to be looking for full time employment in that field. In the meantime, I am free any day and time for occasional babysitting. Once I get a job in the Social Work field, I am willing to babysit occasionally after those hours. I have babysat since I was 12 for various families; many of whom referred me to other families which is why I have continued to be able to do it so much. I absolutely love to care for children and pu...
Raju, jeune homme au pair - B1L Sydney southwest

Hi this is Raju I am a post baccalaureate student at CBU. I am looking for a part time job. I have a good experience in child care. I used to take care of my siblings. I play with them , help them with their homework and also make them to sleep. Thanking you I am looking forward to it
Rebecca, babysitter Sydney southwest B1L

My name is Rebecca , I am 22 years old located in Sydney Nova Scotia. I graduated from the Cape Breton Business College with a cosmetology degree. I have seven brother and two sisters and most of them are younger than me so I helped out my parents with the younger ones like cleaning, cooking, bath time and bedtime routine, and keeping them entertained with games like hide and go seek, red light green light, board games and many others.

Hi, my name is Maggie, I am 16 years old and raise my own baby (6months). I have been babysitting for 6 years for family and family friends. I am very friendly, I can cook, and am very flexible with prices. I am reliable, but I'm going back to school in September. Im very easy to get along with too. I am able to babysit for all ages from 0-11 years of age. I can help with home work, and even French immersion work as well.

I love kids I am 10 sometimes I might have my sisters to come help! i play a clarinet and would love to play for the kids! i have school till 2:00 pm and I get home at like 2:45 pm! i would like kids that are 3 and over but I will babysit for 1 years as well

My name is Megan, I'm still in highschool but I am very good with children and enjoy caring for them. I babysit occasionally now for family members, I've looked after children of all ages and I am willing to help with school work and play games/ activities with the kids. I'm an easy to get along with person, I'm quiet but I enjoy meeting new people.

I've been babysitting young twins and their older sibling for many years now and can now form healthy relationships with children who are not related to me. The children I've watched in the past have been very drawn to my warm personality. I love working with children and hope that I can make a career out of it. I enjoy taking children outside for walks and playing with them both inside and out. My goal is to form deep and positive relationships.

Hi there, my name is Brittney and I'm 15 1/2 years old. I am very serious, determined an outgoing student and I love kids. I have experience babysitting school aged kids and I also volunteered in after school programs. I took a babysitting course with Saint-John Ambulance about 3 years ago.

I just like children. and maybe I will go to a college to learn how to get along with baby.

I am a 19 year old university student.I love to be with children.Had cared alot of my cousins and family friend's children many time.willing to help some households.I am polite and children enjoy my company.

I am a 19 year old female who has plenty of childcare experience. I have cared for children with autism, heart defects, cleft lip and pallette and adHD. I love children and am looking for a way to make some extra money to Help pay for school. I do attend CBU in sydney but my hours/ days are very short and I am done by 1 pm everyday :)

My name is arshjot kaur. I have close attachments with children and have greater interest in caring childs. I m very helpful and love the children most


University student at Cape Breton university. 8 years experience with babysitting all ages.

Hello, I am a teacher that is looking for a few hours of care taking per week throughout the summer. I have worked at daycares, privately babysat, tutored and taught kids of all ages. I'm very trustworthy.