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Doreen, gardienne Yarmouth B5A

I am a sixty-year-old female who loves children. I have babysat since I was sixteen years old and my first job was to take care of two twin boys which one had a cleft lip and palate. After graduation, I moved to New Brunswick to be a nanny to two beautiful little girls. I was there for three years when I moved back home I enjoy playing with them, going for walks to the playground, library etc. I enjoy baking with the kids. I also like to take them for rides and to the beach on nice sunn...
Amy, garde enfant - B5A Yarmouth

Hi there :) My name is Amy and I am 21 years old. I'm looking for any type of child care available. I have 2 younger siblings of ages 7 and 4 that I have taken care of before, along with children of friends. I have experience with changing diapers, cooking, cleaning and playing with children. I do not drive but I do have reliable transportation.
Amanda, gardienne Yarmouth

My name is Amanda I have raised two kids both who are now 15&12. Boy and girl. I babysat most of my teen life. I worked for yacro for over 6years with special need children as well as did private respite for two boys age 9&11. I enjoy spending time with kids. Price is not set in stone I dislike that part of the survey and can be discussed between the family and myself. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Amanda .
Ashley, garde enfant - B5A Yarmouth

hey my names Ashley I am 16 years old, I love kids and animals and enjoy the outdoors! I don't drink or smoke, I babysat for a few different people and I am very energetic and helpful. I enjoy helping anyone I can, I am reliable and a very nice person. I am offering to babysit at the persons house or it own him. I will prepare meals and keep the area tidy. I am looking forward to meet you and the children. I think it's super important to have a babysitter you can trust and I am that person. ...
Shelby, gardienne Yarmouth B5A

My name is Shelby , I am looking for child care, nanny care, house keeping. I am an 18 year old female. I am around children everyday, I've watched multiple babys from the age of 4 months up to children of 12 years of age. My everyday activities include cleaning, cooking working out, taking care of pets. I like to spend time with my family and friends when I get the chance. I love to travel around the world and hope i'll change the world for the better some day :)

I am 38 yes of age and I am looking for for work I can enjoy . I am a mother of 4 and a wife. I am also at this time a house wife and my husband is a retired Injured vet so I am also taking care if him at times. I enjoy being around children . I am a multi tasked. I very efficient , very personable soft spoken person.I don't like to yell nor raise my voice . I believe in time outs and other ways of teaching a child if something if they are misbehaving. I dont believe in spanking or any kind ...
Nicole, nourrice Yarmouth B5A

My name is Nicole, i love and adore kids and want to work with special needs children once i am finished my schooling. I have taken care of children of all ages since i was 15. I keep them entertained while their parents are out, do light housekeeping, cook meals and give snacks (before bed), and keep the children on a good exercise schedule.
Stephen, gardienne enfants Yarmouth B5A

I am an early childhood educator. I believe the first years of childrens lives are the most crucial. I have many years of experience professionally and also am a parent of 2 boys. I am an asset to whichever team I am paired up with and I have no problem going the extra mile. I've done everything from cleaning poopy diapers of babies, toddlers, and adults with special needs to taking children on fun outings to the beach, or organizing a trip to see the fire trucks. Kids learn best through hand...
Rochelle, gardienne Yarmouth B5A

Hi my name is Rochelle . I'm 19 years old and I have siblings I take care of when my parents go out I love children. You make me laugh and smile
Alyssa, gardienne Yarmouth

Hello, I’m Alyssa ! I am a outgoing and hardworking young lady. I am looking for any type of childcare. I have experience babysitting children as well as coaching children on the soccer field!

My name is Audrie I'm a mother of a 2 year old and 9 month old I provide health meals and live in a nice clean environment.

Hello my name is Jill I’m hoping to be a moms helper with her children as I love kids and want to help around the house also ?babies and toddlers are my fav to care for but willing to help out whoever needs an extra hand .I would rather go to the home of the child so they will stay in their own environment .If I maybe some help to you please don’t hesitate to send me a msg ?.I look forward to giving someone a hand as I’ve raised my own 2 kids and know it can be challenging keeping up with the...

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Doreen, gardienne à Yarmouth B5A

Doreen was my at- home childcare provider for my 6 mth and 19 month old children. She would bathe them, feed them and so ensure they had a proper nap schedule. She would also take them out to visit friends and family, with whom she was acquainted. I totally trusted her with my children.

Doreen, gardienne à Yarmouth B5A

She babysat my infant and young child for approximately 2 years. She was very reliable and my children loved her. I knew if my kids were with her, I didnt have to worry.

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