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Selena, garde enfant Hawkesbury

hello, My name is selena i am an 18 year old girl i love horses, animals and children. i have experiance with younger and older children due to having many neices and nephews and when parents have a busy schedual im always there to help and be as much of a support as i can i am available all days off the week and even availible for late nights. i often sit with the kids and think of game ideas and fun things to do. going outside, board games, and much much more fun! any day any time i am ...
Alexandra, garde enfant Hawkesbury

Hey there! I'm Alexandra. I've been babysitting since I was 11, therefore almost 7 years. I love children! I've babysat children of pretty much all ages. I'm available after 2:30pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends. I like to take walks with the kids, play at the park, do arts and crafts, and even do the boring stuff like homework.
Line, babysitter - K6A Hawkesbury

I have a combination of 10+years of experience taking care of children from the age of newborn to adolescences. I have taken care of children within my own family as well as children that i have babysat. I am also a mother of a 8 year old boy as well as a 1 year old boy, that live at home. I also have 1 year completed en Technique Déducation Spécialisé at la Cité Collégial. I am fluently bilingual and posess a current and valid CPR certificate. I am proposing taking care of your ...
Angélik, babysitter Hawkesbury K6A

Bonjour! je m'appelle Angélik et j'étudie présentement en éducation spécialisée. J'ai travaillé pendant une semaine comme bénévole dans un camps de vacances pour dépanner certains animateurs et les enfants m'apprécient beaucoup. Comme les écoles sont fermées dues à la situation du COVID-19, je suis disponible pour garder votre / vos enfant(s). je me retrouve avec beaucoup de temps libre et je souhaite pouvoir aider dans ma communauté. En fait, j'aimerais offrir ce service en particulier aux...
Sandra, babysitting Hawkesbury K6A

Bonjour, Très disponible, je vous propose de garder vos enfants de 9h à 14h du lundi au vendredi voire occasionnellement le weekend. Je peux même les garder cet été du10 au 28 juillet chez moi. Bien à vous, Cordialement. Sandra. Hello, I love children and I have my owm kids so I prefer if it's possible to look after your children at home or occasionnally keep them in your house. I love activities and so many things as singing, playing and outdoors activities too. I am available ...

I love kids, I was raised with my 2 younger sisters and my 2 younger brothers... I was also the oldest out of all my cousins so I was the one who would babysit everyone... I also worked as a child's animator in a hotel... ...When I watch kids I like to plan out things to do to keep them busy and off of electronics... They get to play outside, play board games, draw and do arts and crafts and much more... You can also contact me for more information.
Katia, baby-sitter - K6A Hawkesbury

Hi, my name is Katia , I'm 16 years old, I've been working with kids since I'm 12 years old, I've been doing a lot of babysitting, of 1 to 4 children, I've been doing a lot of volunteer work in nursery and in school. I live in the Hawkesbury, I can come in your home and babysit your baby in your not too far away from Hawkesbury (l'orignal ect) i love animal, if you have animals i can always take care of them too, i'm not afraid and i think that's a good thing!
Raven, garde enfant Hawkesbury K6A

Hi! My name is Raven. I'm looking for a nice way to make a little bit of pocket change and seeing I have spent many years in scouts(taking care of the younger onces was part of the fun) I thought babysitting would be great! I have always loved kids and am still young(16) I can still connect with them. I would highly enjoy working with kids again and will always do everything to help.
Trudel, garde enfant Laurentides-sud (chénéville) J0V

Bonjour, Je m'apelle Émilie je suis une fille débordante d'énergie, souriante et je suis débrouillarde. je suis interesser a faire du gardiennage a temps partiel le soir et les fin de semaines. Au primaire j'ai pris mon cours de gardienne avertis. Mon première emploi était de garder mes petits cousins, mes voisins et nous avions beaucoup de plaisir a jouer comme faire du bricolage, jouer a cache cache avec les enfants. Je trouve vraiment intéressent et amusent être avec des enfants, ils o...
Alyssa, babysitter - K6A Hawkesbury

Bonjour, je m'appelle Alyssa et j'ai 20 ans. Je suis diplômé en éducation en petite enfance et je travaille en garderie depuis près de 3 ans. Je suis à l'aise de travailler avec les enfants de tous âges.

Hi, my name is Janyk I am 16 year old. The type of care I am looking for is for occasions, evenings, weekends, emergency. My qualities as child care, I can cook :) I play with the childrens.