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Hi there im currently compleating grade 12 i have my liscence so i can go where ever i would love to let parents go out and have a nice night out wihtout worrying about the kids. I am a very good cook and would make healthy nurtuious meals or what you want me to make. I could also watch kids in the afternoon as i get off at 1:40 i can watch till when ever . Other than that i would be free to wtah kids. I have looked after my little sister and im really good at it i know that you picking me ...

Hello, Im Leanna! I am 20 years old! I have recently moved to yorkton! Im friendly, fun, kind hearted and most of all I love spending time with kids! I enjoy all ages! I feel i thrive most with those under 3 years but am willing for all! I am responsible and trustworthy to be left with your children! I have had a few part time jobs as a sitter and have lots of kids in the close family! Looking forward to working for you!
Jessica, babysitting Yorkton

My name is Jessica . I love children. Im good with them. One of my abilities is cleaning. Im good at it. Im available when ever needed.

Hello, thank you for looking over my profile! I am a student at the YRHS going into grade 12 next fall. I have taken the St. John's First Aid Course as well as the St. John's Babysitting Course. I have my drivers licene so can provide my own transportation, as well as any transportation the children may need. I am willing to do housld work, enjoy creating fun activities for children to partake in, and love spending time outdoors. I am also willing to help with any homework, gardening, and pet...
Tia, garde enfant - S3N Yorkton

Hi, my name is Tia. I am young but very good with children I love to play games, make crafts and am excited around children am 15 years old and I am available almost anytime. I do online schooling and am very responsible, as I spend most of my time alone. I love playing with children helping them grow and educate them. I babysit for several people who with a response can contact you thank you for your time.
Ti-isha, baby sitter Yorkton

My name is Ti-isha Marie , I am 15 years old i go to high school and i am in grade 9.Im looking fora job to babysit. My experience of my activties is i play volley-ball. As my qualities as a childcare of my sense of humor is in a good way , im nice to kids , i like having kids.

I speak French and English fluently.

je suis pleine d attention et patiente. je cherche juste a depanner de temps a autre les parents qui sont coinces dans leur programme. je suis une parfaite francophone qui a aussi j ai de bonnes notions en Anglais.en tout cas vos bouts de choux ne seront pas perdu, au contraire ils apprendront avec moi.

Hi! My name is Kyla. I love children and enjoy taking care of them. Multitasking, managing sometimes conflicting schedules, and being dependable are some of my strong points. I am a friendly, outgoing, fun-loving person. I am looking for full-time work. I have taken a babysitting coarse and passed with flying colours. Being outside, playing games, and snuggling with children are some of the things that I do best. I am willing to do crafts with the children also.

I am a registered nurse from both India and Kuwait. I have total 7 years experience in both child care and adult. I love children and I like to care them.. currently am studying CCA program in yorkton. I can work as part time. Thank you.

Hello, My name is Sadia and I am currently taking Early Childhood Education through Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I chose this field because I'm really passionate about wanting to become the person I felt I needed in my own early childhood.

well iv babysat for an entire year i took an in school babysitting course in grade 7 and took it again in grade 8 i have some CPR training i know the basics like Heimlich and cuts and mouth to mouth i know how to cook but my knowledge of it for stuff like pork chops is limited i'm looking for a part-time where i can work at least 30 hrs a week i play acoustic guitar and i'm in grade 11 and my spelling is bad i know lol i can help with school work i can also clean i'm very playful but i can be...

Greetings I am Diane Cook I live in yorkton And I am offering babysitting services and cleaning services I am a mom of a 5mth boy and I just get bored at home at times and wanting something to do

Hi My name is lovepreet, You can call me lovey and I love children , I love to play with them. I like to spend my time with the cute little angels and I am so willing to enjoy my time with them

I am a friendly, polite, helping and caring 24 years old girl, able to speak fluent English. Love kids. Able to make good emotional bond with kids and elderly people. I can help with basic house hold cleaning, cooking, help kids in study, playing, learning new things and gathering knowledge, do laundry, help elderly with bathing, grooming and reading books for them.