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Super, des gardiennes d'enfant sont disponibles à Halifax Bedford Basin (B3M) !

Nova Scotia, les principales villes

Gardienne d'enfant North Sydney South Central
Gardienne d'enfant Sydney Central
Renee, gardienne enfants attitrée Halifax lower harbour

Hello my name is Renee, I am a wife and mom of 6 (with 2 sets of twins). I love children and animals, and working with them. My sons are in cub scouts and I was a den mother for a number of years before I came to Canada. Furthermore, as a former veteran of the Barbados army after 15 years of service, I know that I am dependable, responsible, flexible and always on time. I can help in many ways around the house and with the kids in any area it is needed. Being a mother with 6 kids and hosting ...
Erin, gardienne enfants Halifax lower harbour B3H

Hi there I'm Erin, aged 31. I am a mom of a one year old little girl. I live in a cozy house also with my husband and our cats who are very well mannered. I adore children and have always wanted to be at home with my child and care for other children as well. From a very young age I always wanted to help care for my younger cousins and babysit children with my mother. I have always been the reliable friend that could provide care for children and be held with the utmost trust. My most recent...
Diana, gardienne enfant - B3H Halifax lower harbour

I am currently looking after my 1 year old girl. I am looking for a child care job working from my home or outside of my home. I moved to Halifax From Saskatoon Saskatchewan to attend the Nova Scotia school of Art and Design and now i have completed my Bachelor of fine Arts Degree. I took the babysitters course when i was 13 years old and have baby sat ever since now 34 years old. I love working with children playing games , painting and being creative. I have volunteered in children's craf...
Chloe, assmat professionnelle - B3H Halifax lower harbour

Nice to meet you! My name is Chloe and I am 21 years old. I'm hoping to find a child care provider work opportunity in HRM. I strive to be a trustworthy employee, I can be available as needed. My experience: I am a birth doula so I have experiences with children from newborn right up to age 15. I previously nannied for multiple families over the last 3 years and previously worked for the boys and girls club of greater Halifax, Willowbrae Academy, and for Halifax regional school board...
Cristina, gardienne enfants attitrée - B3H Halifax lower harbour

Halifax 2016 Dear: It is my pleasure to contact you, the reason for this is to introduce myself and ask for a job opportunity. I consider myself a person challenges, I like to work very hard to achieve mints, I am enterprising and I have the necessary experience to babysit I would love to work in your home and improve my living conditions if god allows me, I wish them success and expecting a positive response from you. Sincerely, Cristina

Hi, I'm a stay at home mom with a son who is 2 years old. I'm looking to take in toddlers Non smoking Pet free Warm, caring, loving atmosphere Clean safe indoor play area I'm walking distance to a park that we are used to go the sunny days. I can provide homemade meals and healthy snacks.

WEll I think to start any day off.A child should have a healthy breakfast! If going to watch tv it should be something educational or learning! i think dancing and music is a great form of exercise and lots of fun too! Coloring and drawing! also reading is important! A good hearty lunch! and if nice day out mabey walk to the park or an ice creme of child's choice with parents approval of course.I clear everything with the parents for it's there child and there are boundries every child care p...