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Lisa, gardienne enfant - T5A Edmonton (west clareview / east londonderry)

Hello My name is lisa i am a nanny which i love because i get to meet new people... i cook, clean, help with homework ... i like to activities with the kids either educational or physical activities to get there energy up... i have done reading games..letter games... and for outdoor activities from from running to playing ball to playing catch and I like to be creative and fun. Thank you for for your time
Barb, gardienne enfants - T5W Edmonton (central beverly)

Hi, my name is Barb. The kids affectionately call me Barbie. I'm married with 2 kids. My youngest is still living at home. I’ve loved being an Educator for children for 20 years. I engage them with activities such as playgrounds, reading books we get at the library, board games, sports, cars, Lego, and crafts. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided. First aid, (vulnerable sector and police checks for whole family). Subsidy and affordability grant available. OSC from Overlanders school. Baby...

My name is Korto and am 25 years old. I have been working with kids although my life I love children. I have one child of my own and he is almost 3. I only speak English language all my life. Working with your child at my home will bring a great joy to me and my son. We are going to be like a family member to each other. I have worked in a day home with my aunt when I first came to Canada and I love being around kids. We do a lot of fun things at home and then make them food and drink on ti...
Reyna, gardienne enfant Edmonton (se capilano / west southeast industrial / east bonnie doon) T6B

I am a 21 year old, with 4 siblings. 3 younger sisters that I have been taking care of since I was 12, since I did have a single mom I was the most help she had. I love kids, I love playing with them and I definitely have enough patience and the right humour for children. :)

Hello, I am a mother of two teens & had work as a caregiver as well. I understand the needs of children & i can handle kids very well.I am looking for a part time job from 10:00am-2:00pm.I can take care of your kids at my home as well. Thank you.

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My name is candice i'm offering child care in my home on the north side of edmonton i have 5 yrs experience in childcare fenced in back yard for kids to play in a park near by i will provide snacks and lunch for all the kids

Hi my name is Suzana I am looking for baby sitter and can hear English but l I'm not good enough to speak English. I hope you like me guys.

Hi My name is Sokhna , i live in Edmonton in the south . I have my early childhood certificate and i love take care of children . I would be happy to meet you for an interview . Thank you Sokhna

Hi dear parents My name is Sokhna , I Iive in Edmonton in the south and i love take care of kids . I have my early childhood certificate . I would be happy to meet you. I hope to hear you soon. Thank you Sokhna

iam helga from peru with alot experience taking care of children

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Lisa, gardienne d'enfant - T5A Edmonton (west clareview / east londonderry)

Lisa was responsible for my home and 3 children when me and my wife was away. Lisa was also responsible for other family members who also requested a nanny for their home and their children. Lisa has extensive experience dealing with multiple children at once or dealing with a child independently from various backgrounds, needs and skill sets. Lisa is always a person that places an emphasis on keeping a child active and engaged in an environment of fun and learning. In times of difficulty, Lisa's patience, compassion and understanding shine through to ensure consistently positive results for the children in her care. As a result, I give Lisa the utmost positive recommendation and believe that she would be a top nanny for anyone who is looking for an excellent nanny.

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