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Shaeleigh, garde d'enfant à domicile à Oshawa north L1L

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I'm aunty Shaeleigh to my three favourite kids, my nieces and nephew. They are currently 3, 5, and 7. I have been around since my nephew was born and have lived with them all on and off. I currently live with their mother and help care for them every other week. I've been with them and babysitting or living with them at all ages and have fallen in love with taking care of children.
I currently work at Michaels arts and crafts store as a pt framer. After the first couple of months working as an associate I was asked if I would like to try throwing some of the store's birthday parties and craft events every Saturday. For the last 2 years I have ran hundreds of events and love to take charge of groups of kids, walking them through crafts, parties, etc. I thoroughly enjoy my job and I have had numerous amounts of compliments for how great I am with the kids.
As a young adult, I believe that it's extremely important to teach children the truths and hardships about life. I am willing to speak with parents about their boundaries.
Physically, I have piercings and tattoos. I am not ashamed of these things and I do not believe that these little things take away from any part of how to take care of a child and doing my job. I believe that it's important to show kids the differences from one person to the next. As someone with these little physical differences, I love being asked and explaining to kids why I have drawings on my skin and holes in my lip and nose! I think it's absolutely hilarious and I love how honest kids can be - I never take any offence to comments like "mommy, what's in her nose?!"
I find I develop strong relationships with the children I meet at Michaels through crafts and talking to them about their friends, interests, school, and families.

Anyways, I am a very caring person and I love my family but I have started realizing at my age that I am just in love with being around children and I'd love to explore the nature of focusing on it more. There's just something about having kids around that make life a heck of a lot happier! :)

Mini Curriculum Vitae

Services proposés Nounou à domicile
Expérience Experience familiale : garde de frères et soeurs, cousins.
A déjà gardé des enfants de moins de 6 mois
6 mois à 1 an
1 à 3 ans
3 à 6 ans
plus de 6 ans
Langues parlées Français (lu, écrit, parlé)
Anglais (langue maternelle)
Services supplémentaires Aide aux devoirs : Oui, niveau primaire
Cuisine pour les enfants : Avec plaisir, les bons petits plats ça me connait !
Aide au ménage / repassage : Avec plaisir, je suis une fée du logis !


Shaeleigh peut vous fournir sur demande les coordonnées d'anciens employeurs qui la recommandent.

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25 ans
Shaeleigh, garde enfant domicile Oshawa north L1L


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Nounou à domicile
Explication :

I really enjoy spending time with children and would love to make more time towards doing it although I'd require to make a living.
I do not own a car at the moment, therefore have to pay for travel, expenses, etc.