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Have you thought about shared childcare?

For those who aren't sure what it's about... Shared childcare, few parents think about it and that's a shame ! Especially as it's a solution which allows to combine conveniance and savings and more often ! It can also benefit your child by having that extra social interaction particularly for an only child. The principle is simple: two families and and one childcarer. This means families are co-employers of the childcarer and therefore share in payment of their salary. The distribution is to be agreed between the two families in advance, but usually one takes into account the number of hours of care for each family as well as the number of children cared for by family and if the family share in having lifts. Try to decide all this before with the other family but to be simple it's normally 50/50 if there are even numbers of children involved per family. The childcarer will be based in the homes of families. Unless you want to drop your children off at the childcarers home. In this case you may be looking for a childcare provider whose residence has officially been approved for this purpose and they may have their own tarifs per child. Childcare may be alternated between the two homes, every 15 days or every week . But some families prefer to use one place for organizational reasons. There are advantages and disadvantages in both cases. When shared childcare takes place at home, bear in mind water and electricity can be a little more expense. Think beforehand if you want the childcare to take place in your home, would it bother you to maybe find it harder to maintain impeccable hygiene in the home, small risk of breakage, etc ... Though their are many advantages one is not having to drop off children in the morning and return in the evening. Some parents may even be off to work well before their children are up and dressed. If you have a busy schedule this maybe the best solution to save time commuting to another location. The steps are simple and easy enough to follow in order to find a shared childcare solution that would suit you. Every parent establishes a separate contract with the nanny in the same way as if it were an individual contract. In addition, reference is made to the contract related to the other family and the distribution of wages is also mentioned .

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